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”How to master your memory” shows you how to get that memory you thought you could only dream of. So, invest in your self and take this course, it will most likely be one of your best investments in life"
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What I will learn?

  • How to memorize anything
  • How to study less but still learn more - saving lots of important time and reducing stress
  • How to really train your brain with the same tools used by the best memory athletes in the world!
  • How to train your focus and creativity
  • Become a super learner!
  • Learn how to put anything into memory!
  • Requirements
  • No prerequisite - just a mind ready to learn!
  • No specific software needed.
  • No prior memory training knowledge.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Advance Memory

  • First Lesson

Memory Exercise

How Our Mind Learn Faster

How to Learn Vocabulary

Learn Mass of an Element

Memorize Nitrogen Cycle

Memory Exercise Pegging

How to Remember Book Authors

Remember Uses of Nitric Acid

Innovations and Inventors

Remember Numbers

Remember History Dates

Remember Maps

Remember Diagram of Cell

Remember Chemical Conversions

Remember Chemical Names

Remember Long Paragraph

Memorize Long Paragraph by Mind Mapping

Remember Number List

How to Remember Numbers 1

How to Remember Calender 2

Human Learning : Unknown to Known

How to Remember Nobel Prize Award Persons

Pegging Exercise

Listen Geography (Indian Oil Refineries

Learn Chemistry Formation of Nh4 ions

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